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My name is Iris Yoffa and I am a technical writer, application trainer and support specialist.

Over the years I have enjoyed the opportunities to contribute creative solutions as a member of a development team, and as a home computer user’s ‘personal trainer’. I have developed online help, printed manuals and installation instructions, training course outlines and Step-By-Step guides for in-house and client use. I have also conducted training sessions at company headquarters, individual residences, and by phone. I have resolved workstation and network issues using TechNet, MS Knowledge Base, Usenet Groups and the many resources available through the Internet.

The Resume Portion of this site includes the Resume for Printing as a PDF file and formatted for letter size paper. In order to view my resume you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

The Projects section of this web site include links to web sites and reviews I have authored.